Co-curricular Record (CCR)

The Co-curricular Record (CCR) recognises the skills and attributes you gain from your participation in pre-approved activities outside of your academic study.

Participating in pre-approved UC activities will prepare you with the skills employers seek from graduates. See the Skill development outcomes you can gain experience in by taking part. 

This record is exclusive to UC-affiliated activities and demonstrates your work readiness ability, which differs from your CV as that includes external and predominantly paid work experiences. It fundamentally differs from your academic transcript because it shows your non-academic development at UC.

The CCR is a great way to show employers how you have got involved beyond study. See CCR activities for the current list of activities you can claim recognition for.

  • Register anytime
  • Apply to join activities anytime
  • Claim your participation in activities within 12 months of completing the activity
  • Generate and print your personalised CCR 

Are you actively involved in the UC community? Take the opportunity, sign up for CCR and make your out-of-class activities count.