LawSoc Executive Member


The University of Canterbury Law Students' Society (LAWSOC) actively promotes the interests of UC Law Students. Primary objectives include representing the law students and enhancing their experience, academically and socially.

LawSoc Executive Members roles include overseeing club events, recruitment, projects, finances, marketing and day-to-day management of the Club in terms of the LawSoc Constitution. 

Eligibility/Selection Criteria

LawSoc Executive Members are elected by LawSoc members at the Annual General Meeting.


LawSoc Executive Members undergo UCSA Club Executive training.

Hours involved in the activity

Up to three modules of minimum 12 hours per module. For every 12 hours of active learning you can claim recognition for one skill and one attribute. NB: opportunities only exist to develop the skills and attributes specified for this activity in the grey areas of the table below. 


Professor Ursula Cheer, Dean of Law

Work readiness skill/Graduate attribute

By actively engaging in this activity, you can claim against the pre-determined intersection points detailed below. You should reflect on your experience and select the WRS/GA intersection point(s) that best represents your learning outcome.

  • B1 - Communication - LawSoc Executive Members communicate well with students, community organisations and the general public, encouraging enthusiasm and engagement in club activities.  
  • B3 - Leadership - LawSoc Executive Members lead club members through a wide range of projects, and communicate with community stakeholders first-hand to organise activities.
  • B5 - Planning and organising - LawSoc Executive Members efficiently manage resources to effectively deliver events and projects within the community.
  • B7 - Self-Management - LawSoc Executive Members manage their time and commitments while contributing to the planning and budgeting of projects, and present themselves and the club well as representatives.
  • B8 - Teamwork - LawSoc Executive Members contribute to the club’s success by working collaboratively, and by valuing everyone’s unique skills and contributions.  
  • C1 - Communication - LawSoc Executive Members present their objectives to various organisations and at UC functions, thereby building awareness and potential support.  
  • C3 - Leadership - LawSoc Executive Members build relationships and motivate students to participate in club events and projects with enthusiasm  
  • C5 - Planning and organising - LawSoc Executive Members work within a budget and with student volunteers to organise a diverse range of projects, activities and events. 
  • C7 - Self-Management - LawSoc Executive Members manage their responsibilities around study and other commitments. They are positive representatives when dealing with UC students and community stakeholders. 
  • C8 - Teamwork - LawSoc Executive Members work within the larger executive committee to create and work towards the outcomes of the club.
  • D1 - Communication - LawSoc Executive Members ensure club communications are respectful to the diverse student community and consider second-language users.
  • D3 - Leadership -  LawSoc Executive Members lead clubs that reflect the diverse student community. 
  • D5 - Planning and organising - LawSoc Executive Members organise club projects and events with respect to diversity.
  • D7 - Self-management - LawSoc Executive Members ensure the club represents itself respectfully to the diverse student body at UC and manage their commitments to the club well. 
  • D8 - Teamwork - LawSoc Executive Members work within and meet the needs of diverse student groups to create an effective team environment.  
Matrix intersection points for LawSoc Executive Members (highlighted in grey)
Co-curricular Record (CCR)

UC Graduate Attributes (GAs)

Bicultural Competence & Confidence Community Engagement Employability Innovation & Enterprise Global Awareness
Work Readiness Skills (WRS) Communication A1 B1 C1 D1
Initiative and enterprise A2 B2 C2 D2
Leadership A3 B3 C3 D3
Learning A4 B4 C4 D4
Planning and organising A5 B5 C5 D5
Problem solving A6 B6 C6 D6
Self-management A7 B7 C7 D7
Teamwork A8 B8 C8 D8
Technology A9 B9 C9 D9

CCR criteria

  • UCSA affiliated
  • Not an academic prerequisite
  • Not for academic credit

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