Portfolio Teaching Assistant (PTA)


Portfolio Teaching Assistants (PTAs) mark Civil and Natural Resources Engineering students’ report submissions for grammar, style, and presentation skills. Many also mark oral presentations and engineering sketches, run tutorials on proofreading, and assist with one-to-one tuition.  Some offer skill-based tutorials to address academic development requirements.

Selection criteria

Students are invited to become a PTA based on past performance in Portfolio or in the communications-intensive course, Design Studio 2.  Students must also demonstrate appropriate skills during training to remain within the programme.


PTAs receive a marking guide and samples of marked work. They are guided through marking, and then assessed afterwards.  PTAs are provided briefings for tutorial sessions.

Hours involved in the activity

12 hours minimum. For every 12 hours of active learning you can claim recognition for one skill and one attribute. NB: opportunities only exist to develop the skills and attributes specified for this activity in the grey areas of the table below. 


Dr Tonny de Vries
Coordinator Communications Portfolio
Email: tonny.devries@canterbury.ac.nz

Work readiness skill/Graduate attribute

By actively engaging in this activity, you can claim against one of the pre-determined intersection points detailed below. You should reflect on your experience and select the WRS/GA intersection point that best represents your learning outcome.

  • C2 - Intiative and enterprise - PTAs identify areas for improvement in Portfolio teaching and propose solutions.
  • C4 - Learning - PTAs learn new skills, apply them in varying contexts, seek feedback, and reflect on their practice in order to improve skills.
  • C6 - Problem solving - PTAs identify the needs of individual students, and propose tailored improvements to students and staff.  PTAs evaluate the effectiveness of changes.
  • C7 - Self-management - PTAs manage their time, evaluate their work performance, and adjust procedures.  They establish goals for future professional development.
  • C8 - Teamwork - PTAs and department staff share knowledge and experiences to improve outcomes for students.
  • D2 - Initative and enterprise - PTAs identify areas for improvement in Portfolio education for international and English-as-a-second language students.
Matrix intersection points for Portfolio Teaching Assistant (PTA) (highlighted in grey)
Co-curricular Record (CCR)

UC Graduate Attributes (GAs)

Bicultural Competence & Confidence Community Engagement Employability Innovation & Enterprise Global Awareness
Work Readiness Skills (WRS) Communication A1 B1 C1 D1
Initiative and enterprise A2 B2 C2 D2
Leadership A3 B3 C3 D3
Learning A4 B4 C4 D4
Planning and organising A5 B5 C5 D5
Problem solving A6 B6 C6 D6
Self-management A7 B7 C7 D7
Teamwork A8 B8 C8 D8
Technology A9 B9 C9 D9

CCR criteria

  • UC affiliated
  • Not an academic prerequisite
  • Not for academic credit

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