Karben fibre

12 May 2021

A range of radical solutions are now a step closer to boosting the agricultural sector thanks to the Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode Challenge. Prize winners were named at the Showcase on 11 May.

UC NEWS logo

12 May 2021

The commercialisation of elite sport – including the sale, relocation and branding of professional sport clubs – is nothing new. The commercialisation of professional sport has driven huge changes in sports teams from being responsible to the public and local community and seen as a public good, to being responsible to the owners and shareholders of the commercial entities. This fundamental change sparks debate and controversy.

Jacdina Arden, Grant Robertson

12 May 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, Associate Professor Laura Meriluoto explains that the underlying productivity of the economy could be compromised if workers decide to leave the public sector.

Happy Cow Milk

04 May 2021

Imagine a world where a farmer can tell the difference between every sheep by just looking at them. Thanks to new sheep facial recognition technology employing AI this could soon be a reality. Genesmith is just one of the big ideas named today as a finalist in the Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode Challenge.

Energy Academy UC Business School

30 April 2021

The University of Canterbury Business School has signed an agreement with Energy Academy to develop a new model for the delivery of academic content.

Huong Dang, Jedrzej Bialkowski, Xiaopeng Wei

20 April 2021

Three University of Canterbury (UC) financial economists have shed light on a puzzling relationship between economic policy uncertainty and the Volatility Index (VIX) - fear gauge of the stock market, and how the quality of political signals impacts on this relationship in a new research paper.

Suntia Gautam PhD graduate

14 April 2021

Community Board Member Sunita Gautam will be donning a cap and gown this week as she graduates with a PhD from the University of Canterbury (UC).