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Our collection of resources is designed to encourage interest in the study of Antarctic as well as foster an understanding of the continent's role in a global context.


PolarPol is a listserve which discusses polar current affairs and is aimed at building a better sense of community among polar researchers, policymakers and journalists. The listserve has a broad international membership with members from Iceland to China. The list is managed by Anne-Marie Brady, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Canterbury. 

The Polar Journal

The Polar Journal is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal. It welcomes papers on polar affairs from all fields of the social sciences and the humanities. The main purpose of the journal is to develop a forum for the scholarly discussion of polar issues from a social science and humanities perspective and to help build a community of scholars working on polar issues. The journal is especially interested in publishing policy-relevant research. Each issue of the journal will either feature articles from different disciplines on polar affairs or feature a topical theme from a range of scholarly approaches.

The journal is sponsored by Gateway Antarctica and affiliated staff are on the editorial board.

United Nations Environment

United Nations Environment was established in 1972 by the UN General Assembly with a mandate “to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations”.

In 1992 the UN Conference on Environment and Development adopted Agenda 21, highlighting two needs:

  • The provision of access to reliable environment information
  • Increasing the capacity of governments to use such information as a basis for environmental decision making and management

See the United Nations Environment website for more information.

'Exploring the Last Continent - An Introduction to Antarctica'

Edited by Daniela Liggett, Bryan Storey, Yvonne Cook and Veronika Meduna.

Available from Springer

UC library link

'Exploring Antarctic Values'

Proceedings of the Workshop on Exploring Linkages between Environmental Management and Value Systems: The Case of Antarctica, held at the University of Canterbury, December 2011. Edited by Dr Daniela Liggett and Dr Alan Hemmings.

$75 each, email

'Antarctic Bioprospecting'

The book contains contributions from each of the presenters from the Workshop including Professor Don Rothwell and Professor Roberta Farrell. It also summarises the Workgroup outcomes and contains a copy of Information Paper 047 from ATCMXXVI. Edited by Dr Alan Hemmings and Michelle Rogan-Finnemore.

$65 each, email

Ursula Rack: A researcher for the Deep South National Science Challenge, Dr Rack's research interests lie in environmental and social history. The project recovers meteorological information from logbooks of merchant and navy ships from the late 18th Century until the mid-20th Century. The data is processed to analyse historic weather phenomena to draw conclusions for future weather models in the Southern Ocean. 

Dr Rack's past work has included social conditions - food, medical conditions, income, hierarchy, leadership, insurance and income - on polar expeditions.

An experienced teacher, Dr Rack can tailor a presentation to fit the needs of the audience but past talks have included:

  • 'Life, travel and work in the Antarctic', Rotary Club of Cashmere
  • 'Working and living in extreme environments', Shirley Ladies Club
  • 'Adaptation to extreme environments', Hillmorton High NCEA level two science class
  • 'Extreme environments', St Andrew's College Ladies Club
  • 'Research in the Antarctic', Riccarton Men's Probus Club
  • 'Tutor in the Antarctic', Merrin Ladies Club
  • 'Environmental project', Te Waka Unua School
  • 'Antarctic quilts and arts', Shirley Ladies Club
  • 'Antarctica as a classroom', Rotary Women's Club
  • 'Leadership and responsibility', Somerfield School

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