Examination supervisors

Supervisors (also known as invigilators) play a critical role in the examination process by ensuring all students are given the best opportunity to succeed in formal examinations.

Key tasks of examination supervisors

  • The administration of examinations.
  • Providing the best possible conditions for all students to undertake their examinations.
  • Deterring, detecting and reporting actual and alleged instances of student misconduct occurring in and around examination rooms.

How do I find my way around campus?

Buildings, rooms, bus and parking information is available in the online campus maps. Browse the categories on the left of the maps webpage or use the search box to find your room.

Where can I park and what does it cost?

Supervisors are provided with parking permits once the schedules are returned. Supervisors need to ensure that parking permits are clearly displayed on their cars whenever they come to the University to supervise exams.

Car parks are shown on the online campus maps - car parks. Availability can change at short notice due to building projects on campus can differ to what is shown here. Allow plenty of time to accommodate finding a park.