How to apply to be an Examination Supervisor

Applications can be submitted at any time, but they are not reviewed until about a month before the start of each exam period.

Submitting an application does not guarantee appointment, as supervisors are selected on the basis of their skills and suitability to fulfil the available position/s. Applicants may be placed on a waiting list. Details of applicants on the waiting list are kept for one year.

The application process may be lengthy as there are usually only a few vacancies each semester.

How to register your interest

View the documentation for supervisors.

Provide a CV include the following information:

  • Personal and contact details
  • A brief history
  • What skills and experience you would bring to exam invigilation.
  • Why you would like to work at UC.
  • Referees

Send all documentation to Barbara Albertson.

Training provided for prospective supervisors

Should vacancies arise, prospective supervisors are required to come for an Orientation session.

Additional skills, site-specific knowledge and experience will be gained on the job once examinations start. Each room is managed by an In-charge (IC) supervisor who will know provide training in the exam room.