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Pacific Health Scholarships

The Pacific Health Scholarships contribute to improving access to health services for Pacific peoples by assisting in the development of the health and disability workforce.

Toloa Scholarships

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples offers eight Toloa Scholarships for Pacific students to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

The scholarships are each valued at up to $25,000, which will be paid over a period of three years to the successful first-year undergraduate or postgraduate recipients. Recipients will also receive some mentoring during the course of their studies.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship

The scholarship is open to Māori and Pacific Island university students who have completed Economics, Finance or Banking studies at 100-level (completed first year of university in 2016), who attained at least a B+ grade and who intend to continue studying to Honours level. Please note that students who are entering their first year of university are not eligible.

Applicants must be studying full-time at a New Zealand university. The scholarship will be continued for you up to Honours level (fourth year) providing you continue to major in Economics, Finance or Banking and perform to the required standard (Maintain a B+average).

The scholarship is valued at $1,500 in the first year, increased to $2,500 in the second year and $3,500 in the final year of study.

The successful applicant will be paired with a Reserve Bank staff member who will act as a mentor.

MFAT Field Research Awards

The goal of these awards is to support research by New Zealand students on development issues of relevance to the New Zealand Aid Programme and to foster capacity of future New Zealand development professionals.

The awards are provided to NZ citizens or permanent residents who undertake field research of 4+ weeks as part of their post-graduate study. The awards fund field research costs up to $4000 for Masters and up to $6000 for PhD.

The funding prioritises research in the Pacific.

Pacific Achievers College Awards

At the end of each year, students from each college are selected based on academic merit to receive an Achievers College Award. The successful award recipients are presented with a Certificate of Achievement and a $500 cash award.

UC Emerging Leaders' Scholarships

There are over 100 UC Emerging Leaders’ Scholarships available to first-year undergraduate students intending to study full-time at the University of Canterbury. They are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, potential leadership and sporting/cultural involvement. Six of these scholarships are for students from Aranui High School, Catholic Cathedral College, Hillmorton High School, Hornby High School, Linwood College and Mairehau High School and one is for Pacific students.

College of Arts Pacific Scholar

One student of Pacific descent will be named a College of Arts Pacific Scholar and awarded a scholarship of up to 1 EFTS of their domestic tuition fees.

Pacific Summer Studentships

Summer Studentships in Pacific Health Research are available to introduce research to those students who have the potential to develop careers involving Pacific health research.

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