What's been your path to UC?

I originally wanted to go straight into the workforce so I could earn money and travel. But a teacher encouraged me to continue with my maths so here I am! Civil engineering is a great way to have a well-paying job that can still take me all over the world.

Any particular place you'd like to go?

I'd love to go to Africa. I've always wanted to visit and as an engineer you can make a big difference over there.

Did you choose UC for its reputation?

100%. Engineering at UC has such a big name. There are so many different fields, from mechatronics to chemical to civil. You definitely have to put in the work, but it's such a reputable university. There are graduates all over the world and it's a recognised name in the workforce.

Is UC a supportive place to study?

It is. I'm a Pacifica/Māori student so I get support from the Pacific and Māori Development Teams as well. They offer a lot of resources and as many tutorials as I want to go to.

What has that cultural connection added to your experience?

It's like having a second family. When I moved down from Wellington I didn't know anyone but I've been welcomed and looked after. I've been a mentor in return, checking in with students and making sure they're getting on all right. I really enjoy helping people – and it looks good on your CV too!

"I've gained so much independence, it's prepared me for the real world and I've had a lot of fun along the way."

What else have you been up to?

I'm on the Ensoc exec, that's the engineering society. It's extremely fun and great for making friends. I'm the sports officer so I look after all the sporting events and social tournaments. Lawn bowls is always a good time!

Favourite experience here at UC?

I've enjoyed everything, but a highlight was being in the halls first year. You get chucked in with everyone and it's extremely easy to make friends. I've loved being a UC student. I've had to grow up extremely fast but it's been amazing. I've gained so much independence, it's prepared me for the real world and I've had a lot of fun along the way.