Where are you heading with your degree?

My main interest is in resource and environmental management. With my Arts degree I've done a lot of community engagement and policy implementation. I'd really love to work in policy and governance.

How has UC helped you with that?

My study at UC has given me the opportunity to do heaps of community-based projects. I enjoy learning the grassroots stuff and figuring out how you can implement what you learn. I've had work experience at the Christchurch City Council and next up I've got an internship with central government at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Favourite part of your studies?

I've been on at least one field trip every single year. We've done lots of community outreach, from surveying Christchurch residents to travelling to Westport to research regional economic development and the idea of setting up a co-working space, which is now up and running. We went to Akaroa to investigate wastewater management. That's just the tip of the iceberg!

Is that community engagement unique to UC?

For sure. The research we do as students actually has a real-world impact. You see it roll out. Being able to get real-world experience while you study is a huge strength of UC.

"I'm involved with so many clubs. The networking opportunities they offer have been invaluable and it's been a fantastic way to meet people."

Any club highlights to share?

I'm involved with so many clubs and have joined a variety of execs. The networking opportunities they offer have been invaluable and it's been a fantastic way to meet people.

Tell us about the campus!

UC is like a small town in a way. Everyone knows everyone! The atmosphere is really friendly and there's always something happening. It's nice and compact, and you're so close to the sea and the hills. You can study on campus in the morning and explore the outdoors or the city in the afternoon.

You've been here five years. Looking back, is there anything you'd do differently?

In first year everything felt a bit scary. Over time I've become much more confident in who I am. I wish I branched out of my comfort zone a bit sooner to make the most of it, because it's amazing how fast five years can go!