Tell us about your internship to China!

A group of us went to Peking University for five weeks. We studied Chinese history, language and culture and worked on a research project for the Canterbury Mayoral Forum. We did loads of fun stuff too. We went to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.

Most surprising experience there?

The strangest place we visited was a watermelon museum. It was filled with loads of wax watermelons – a truly bizarre place! Spending time in a properly bustling Chinese megacity was an incredible experience. Beijing is such a fast-paced place and the people are lovely. I was amazed how different it is to Western culture.

Tell us about your business, Take a Bite.

It's a website I launched with a friend in 2017. We deliver fresh fruit and veggies to homes and businesses. We've had great support from UC lecturers and the Centre for Entrepreneurship. My focus has shifted now but the experience of running a start-up has been invaluable. It's been a huge highlight of my time at UC.

Favourite part of the UC study experience?

I love working on academic projects with real world companies. For one of my marketing courses we worked with China Southern Airlines to develop a marketing plan. Collaborating with them was hugely interesting and insightful, and our work was really well received.

"UC offers its students incredible reach into Christchurch, which is a fast-growing city. The campus is open and friendly."

What's the value in doing hands-on things like that?

You see how theoretical concepts apply to real-world. Learning to market across Southeast Asia, with all its different languages and cultures is not something you'd get just sitting in a classroom! You make connections too which can lead into internships and job opportunities down the track.

Would you recommend UC?

Without hesitation. UC offers its students incredible reach into Christchurch, which is a fast-growing city. The campus is open and friendly and there's always something interesting happening. I chose UC because it offers so much outside of the degree. I was tossing up between a job offer as a pilot in the Navy and coming to UC, and I'm definitely glad I came to UC!