Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety of supervisors is paramount in all activities undertaken by the supervisors.

Each member of staff and each student is responsible for ensuring that his or her work environment is conducive to good occupational health and safety by:

  • Observing all safe work procedures and instructions.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing, particularly footwear.
  • Consuming or storing food and drink in only those areas designated for this purpose.
  • Being familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures and the location of and, if appropriately trained, the use of emergency equipment.
  • Co-operating with directions from emergency wardens.
  • Supervisors are advised to take care when lifting heavy objects.
  • Where an accident or illness occurs, and the exam supervisor requires medical treatment, arrangements should be made with the Senior Examination Arrangements Co-ordinator.
  • Where urgent medical assistance is required, contact the UC Security Office.
  • Where an injury is sustained in the course of carrying out their duties as a casual University employee, this should be reported to the Senior Examination Arrangements Co-ordinator and an event report should be completed.

During winter you can request to be escorted to your car

Because it becomes dark earlier during winter, supervisors wishing to be escorted to their cars, should call University Security, extn 6888.

For further information see the UC website.