Know The Code - Student Code of Conduct 

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Learn about what you agree to while you study at UC and how to raise a concern.

Understand the Student Code of Conduct

The University of Canterbury (UC) is a community of people committed to creating a campus culture of belonging, understanding, inclusiveness and caring. Ākonga Tū, Ākonga Ora.

As a student you will try new things, make mistakes and learn from them, but you still have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe and not bring UC into disrepute. Behaviours that put you or others at serious risk can impact on your enrolment at UC, your career and subsequent employment opportunities.

Upon enrolment at UC, all students undertake to comply with the University’s regulations and policies. If you’re not sure what you’ve agreed to, you should familiarise yourself with the Student Code of Conduct, and the Know the Code pamphlet. 

Student responsibilities

Each student at UC has a set of responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Be fully acquainted and compliant with the published regulations and policies of the University (eg, the Campus Drug and Alcohol Policy and Harassment Policy) and comply with New Zealand law.
  2. Provide information to the University that is accurate and not misleading.
  3. Behave in a manner that does not bring the University into disrepute.
  4. Respect the rights and property of others both on and off campus.
  5. Ensure their own health and safety and that of those around them.
  6. Seek to positively engage with the University and the wider community.
  7. Actively contribute to their learning by attending classes, meeting their obligations and course requirements. 

How to raise a concern

We want our students to feel welcome and safe at UC and encourage you to seek support about anything that may be troubling you. Find out how to raise a concern, complaint, or grievance, or contact the Student Care team or UCSA for advice about your options and University processes.

International students

International students have a particular set of expectations and responsibilities, which you can find in The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Responsibilities include class attendance and special requirements for those under the age of 18. International students can also expect to be enrolled in an institution which will take all reasonable steps to protect them and will meet a number of requirements under the code.

If you are at any stage unhappy with a university process or decision, it is important for you as an international student to follow University processes and talk with the Student Care team or UCSA. If, after following those processes, you are still unhappy, you can pursue an external complaint through NZQA.

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To order physical copies of the Know the Code pamphlet click here.